5 Things You Need to Prepare to Have a Successful Food Festival

When you want to sample free food, different taste cuisines, have real-time experience on diverse culinary skills, visit the food festival.

It’s a must-attend event with lots of benefits.

Behind the success, there is a team of professionals who spend sleepless nights to ensure you have everything perfect.

Food festival planners can tell you what they have to go through to have that great festival.

There is a lot of travel, consultations, resolvable conflicts all geared towards attaining a successful event.

The planning is not all about inviting guests and participants. So many hands-on skills come in handy to ensure you have somewhere comfortable to sit, or the panelists have the right display tables, or guests have a perfect arena.

Once you have the food festival contract answer the following questions to help you in the planning process

  • When is the date of the event?
  • Do you have enough time to prepare?
  • What are the most urgent tasks you need to address?
  • How best do you want to achieve the said targets?
  • Where do you need help or delegate?

5 Things You Need to Prepare to Have a Successful Food Festival

  1. Have several food booths to accommodate diverse cuisines

Hey, it’s a food festival. Everyone comes here to have a taste of different food options.

Moms, aspiring chefs, teens, and interested parties all gather to have an in-depth knowledge of what the world has to offer in the culinary industry.

As an event planner, plan for the last minute people who want to take advantage now that they see its success.

Have standby booths, ready to accommodate them. Use that chance to get some income by charging them for space.

Don’t undercharge or overcharge; be reasonable in your rates.

  • Have a raised arena for public comfort

As much as people want to have a personal experience with different chefs at the booths, treat the public with no interest in a free cooking demonstration.

With this, a raised public arena comes in handy.

This is a DIY project that needs a woodworker with the right tools like a band saw to cut wood and assemble to that effect. 

A band saw for resawing is such a perfect woodwork tool, especially when you want to customize your arena to suit the current event.

One advantage of such portable a dais you can use it in several functions depending on the kind of wood you use to make it.

  • Use online tools for marketing the event

The success of a food festival solely lies in the number of people who attend and the positive feedback they have out of the game.

What value does the event add to their culinary art? You can’t ignore their interests and taste.

Digital technology came as a savior, at the comfort of your home; you can send email campaigns and have an analysis of their performance.

With that, it’s easy to gauge the number of people to participate in the event. You don’t have to handle the repetitive tasks; scheduling tools are available for your use.

The term here is market the event. When the function is the talk in town, if not on social media streets, they know your marketing strategy is working to your advantage.

Some weeks to the event, you can gauge the number of participants, that’s important to plan for extra space for the same.

Online ticket sale is a product to make good use of. It gives you a projection of what to expect from the event based on the number of people who show interest.

It’s an area that needs wisdom in making decisions. Why not discount advanced ticket sales to give you an overview of the number of people interested in attending the event?

  • Designated several cooking spots for freelance chefs

What of the people who came as participants only to change their minds and also try their hand in the cooking event?

Have freelance cooking booths complete with essential kitchen appliances to the doubting Thomas.

Let this not be a free service, use such an avenue to make some extra cash.

You may wonder how to get ingredients and other things to use in the event. Let the festival be a one-stop place for all matters of cooking.

Invite food vendors, suppliers, kitchen appliance manufacturers to the event to accommodate such last-minute decisions.

Moreover, let people know that at the food festival, you can get affordable and quality products.

Allow the manufacturers to provide discounts to their products to attract people to attend the event.

That’s a marketing strategy in its own right.

  • Invite industry players to display and sell their goods

Do attendees come to the event to eat and leave? Of course, no, it’s a food festival, yes, but also let them spend their money by getting standard products at reasonable prices.

It’s a marketing strategy, the moment people know that this yearly event comes with lots of good stuff, attendees will save for it.

Besides, it becomes a must-attend function. Make it such that every penny left at the bank is worth spending for their dream appliance or service.

What else do you need?

Who are the industry players at a food festival?

  • Culture enthusiasts
  • Kitchen appliance manufacturing companies
  • Caterers
  • Chefs
  • Restaurant owners and related businesses
  • Financial institutions
  • Fitness instructors

As much as the industry is all about food; let other related product and service dealers come on board to support the great course.

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