8 Festivals You Won’t Regret Attending

The taste of a new cuisine, a shot at a nice beverage, and a good time with friends, and strangers at an unusual destination make a food festival worth experiencing.

You can create a flavorful 2020 by attending any of the best food festivals of the year. All you have to do is save the date and prepare for a vacation. It doesn’t matter anywhere it takes you; you’d appreciate the memorable experience.

So these are the food festivals worth attending in 2020:

1. Cayman Cookout

There’s no better place to have sensuous bites of Chef Eric Ripert‘s dishes than at the Cayman Cookout culinary event. What’s more? You’d get to have a grand tasting of rare wines that may have you questioning where you’ve been the whole time. Chef Eric Ripert’s grand entrance in amusing costumes is also something to look out for in the event.

The four-day festival allows you to dine and wine at the Seven Mile Beach with other culinary masters. Additional bonuses attendees relish at this culinary destination are scuba dive, boating exclusions and cull large fishes.

2. New Orleans Wine and Food Experience

Want a toast to a good life? Then get a glass of good wine. A festival destination like New Orleans Wine and Food Experience brings you your dream wine amidst the savory dishes cooked by talented chefs.

New Orleans Wine and Food Experience isn’t just about satisfying your palates; you’d also get the chance of learning about wine and food pairing from dexterous chefs and winemakers. Ever walked the ground of the elegant street in the French Quarter? Then it’s time to take a memorable stroll with the sound of beautiful music playing in the air.

3. Food Zurich

It isn’t the oldest festival in town, but it’s definitely a cool one. Food Zurich promotes over a hundred innovative exhibitions, tasting sessions, and workshops for eleven eventful days. The Switzerland food festival lines up an array of street food and fine food to satiate the hunger of its participants. If you want a good shot at slow food, this festival won’t disappoint.

Moreover, Food Zurich isn’t just about its initial (food) as you get to experience the event at the city’s museum, tastiest restaurants, and other significant locations of Switzerland.

4. Charleston Wine + Food

Are you a wine connoisseur and foodie? Charleston Wine + Food would make a great festival destination for you. With the refreshing ambiance of vegetation, collection of world-class food experts, winemakers, and an extended table setting, the colorful festival is sure to leave an impression on your taste bud, palate and mind. The festival also affords attendees an enjoyment of the country’s delicacies for five days.

The best part is, you’re not returning as an average cook; Charleston Wine + Food has an array of cooking classes for food lovers. You can also go on excursions and partake in private dinners in the kitchens of the local cooks.

5. Pizzafest

You put your pizza first? Then Pizzafest is for you. The Italian pizza hosts a festival in Naples with many pizza connoisseurs having a binge of the delicacy. Pizzafest is a one-week event that presents visitors with incredible locally made and international pizzas, just like your throat craves it.

It gets even more enjoyable with the lively pizza competition that occurs during the event, as attendees scrutinize pizzas from various ends of the world while the judge makes a final declaration of the best one based on the crowd’s preference.

Pizza’s recipes may continue to change from brand to brand, but Pizzafest in Italy helps retain the classic taste of the traditional Margherita, which contains the original pizza ingredients. Besides, you’ll not only find the longest pizza in the world at Naples, but you can have the famous pizza, the whole-wheat type, and the luxurious pizza flanked next to each other at the event.

6. Food and Wine Classic in Aspen

Get to taste good food, savor fine wines and enjoy the evergreen mountains around you – the Food and Wine Classic in Aspen brings renowned chefs, and wine epicures together with everyday people for a three-day culinary party at the nicest location. Also, attendees engage in expert panel discussions, wine tastings, cooking demonstrations, and mountaintop festivities to perfect their enjoyment.

The same gratification awaits you again in 2021 if you miss it this year.

7. Salon du Chocolat

Just how much do you love your chocolate? Salon du Chocolat welcomes 500 chocolate enthusiasts from 60 nations to enjoy the chocolates of the creme-de-la-creme pastry chefs this fall in Paris.

Fashion lovers aren’t excluded in this festivity, as it hosts a fashion pageant where models brandish themselves in choco costumes exclusive to this event. Chocolate lovers with contending love for sculpture are privileged to also engage in sculpture game. Moreover, masterclass, luxurious tasting, and live performances are highlights of this food festival.

8. Singapore Food Festival

If you think its time to have a taste of mouth-watering Chilli crabs, then the Singapore food festival is calling on you to spend weeks of your life at the event. The festival greets foodies with local Singapore delicacies, including barbeque marinated ribs and seafood.

Moreover, visitors can acquire knowledge on gastronomy, mixology, and unravel the secrets behind the endearing Singaporean cuisines. The festival is a reputable one organized by the Singapore Tourism Board.

2020 will be na amazing year if any of these festivals make it into your list of must-see. Besides, are you in need of tools? You’ll find various types in different sizes to meet your need at https://www.thetoolsy.com/, http://www.thetoolsy.com/best-12-inch-miter-saw-reviews/ be it in woodworking, welding, for your patio and garden, and even generators to power your building. Go make the best choice.

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