Five Vancouver Dishes You Will Love

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Five Vancouver Dishes You Will Love

1.   Nanaimo Bars

One Canadian dish you must try in Vancouver is the creamy, chocolate Nanaimo Bars. Made from a mix of crushed crackers, nuts, and coconuts, the bars have a vanilla-butter middle layer and sweet chocolate finish. These layered cookies are not only visually satisfying but also makes for a perfect food to munch on.

2.   JapaDog

This is arguably one of Vacourerites’ most favorite dishes. These Japanese-inspired hotdogs are a mix of seaweed flakes, kimchi, miso, wasabi, and teriyaki sauce. The meal leaves your mouth with a spicy, sweet, and salty taste.

3.   B.C. Roll

Made from sushi rice, cucumbers, and barbecued salmon, this sushi type is coated with sweet sauce and is served in hundreds of outlets in Vancouver. The name originates from the fact that British Columbia is popular for wild Pacific Salmon.

4.   Salmon Candy

This food is made from smoked salmon and glazed with local honey or maple syrup. It has a sweet, smoky, salty taste that keeps you hooked right from the first bite. You can’t buy some as a gift for the family without eating it up before you get home. Salmon Candy is that deliciously addictive.

5.   West Coast Oysters

Do you want to experience a fresh taste of the ocean? Then the different varieties of the city’s oysters are your best bet. Kumamoto, Fanny Bay, and Kusshi are some of the most popular types, each with a unique taste that leaves you asking for more.

6.   Poutine

Poutine is another Canadian specialty, made with French fries, gravy, and cheese curds. Invented in 1957, this delicious meal gives you that crispy fries taste with cheese curds made from curdled milk.  This authentic Canadian meal is a perfect way to savor a combo of gravy and melted cheese.

7.   Pies

Canada offers the best of pies when it comes to sweetness and flavor, and there’s no better place to enjoy a variety of them than Vancouver. Whether it’s British-style ‘steak and kidney’ pie or the American apple pie, you can indulge yourself in the most delicious pies in the world.

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